Bristol Community Plant Collection

After my very brief first post I thought it was high time I added a new post.

The Bristol Community Plant Collection is a chance for Bristol Zoo Gardens and the city of Bristol to have its own National Collection .

Calendula species will be grown by different ‘Growing Partners’ around the city as a dispersed collection. It is hoped that this may reduce the chance of cross-pollination but more importantly give a greater opportunity for those who want to get involved in something which is thought to be something horticultural specialists. We don’t believe that this has been done before and could even be a model for conservation projects in the future.

The first hurdle was locating species! There are only 3 in the RHS Plant Finder and one of those was supplied by a Nursery that has stopped trading. After putting a seed request in for the species on the Plant List we have received two species from the Ecological-Botanical Garden at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. A HUGE thank you to them! We are still waiting to see if anyone else replies but technically as we now have 4 out of 3 (!) I think we’ve started out in the right direction.

The second was finding the ‘Growing Partners’. It seems that we have got 9 on the short list but with those pesky Easter holidays looming many schools and similar establishments have broken up and I’m waiting for confirmations in involvement. The rest seem really excited about the project.

The next 3 weeks will be filled with training sessions, deliveries of equipment, baseline surveys and general admin.

Next Friday we will be running our ‘Sow and Grow’ workshop for those involved in the project. Expect lots of photos then!


2 thoughts on “Bristol Community Plant Collection

  1. We have a small community garden in Churchlands Road, Bedminster (corner of West Street). West Street is a sad busy part of the A38 out of Bristol, and re-introducing wildlife has been a challenge. But our garden is flourishing. Are we too late, or not appropriate, to be a partner?

  2. Hi Stephanie, As this is the pilot year for this project we are just using 9 growers. However, if successful we will be looking for more ‘Growing Partners’ next year. If you would like me to keep your details on file please let me know.
    I walk past your garden most days and it looks great by the way!

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