Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edible Gardening for All

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Edible Gardening Project has been running since last May. The project aims to help our visitors learn the basic skills they need to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The project has been a great success and in the first 8 months we spoke to over 4500 people at our workshops and drop in sessions.

The Communities in Nature project is a real opportunity for us to reach even more people and engage with a wider audience. Our new Edible Gardening for All project will provide training and supported volunteering opportunities for people who are underrepresented in our visitor demographic. So what does all that mean?!

We have recruited two groups to get involved with the project. The Rock Trust, a charity providing opportunities and support for vulnerable young people and Broughton High School’s ‘More choices, More chances’ group (follow the link for more info) have both signed up. The Rock Trust came in for a wee taster session last month, pictured.

We are very excited about the project and are keen to get started. The first group will attend their first session in mid April. Both groups will get involved with growing fruit and vegetables. They will have designated plots to tend and look after – learning horticultural skills along the way. By May we will have a ‘camp kitchen’ organised and participants will not only grow their own food but will be able to harvest and cook it on site. They young people involved will have the opportunity to learn many skills; gardening and otherwise and have a fabulous and satisfying experience along the way. We can’t wait to get cracking (once we’ve done all the necessary paperwork of course…!).

For more info follow the Edible Gardening Project blog.


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