Workshop and Seeds

Last Friday (13th April) we held a ‘Sow & Grow’ workshop for some of our Growing Partners at the Bristol Zoo Gardens Nursery. The Nursery is on the outskirts of Bristol and is something the public rarely gets to see.

Not only were they shown how to look after their Calendula seeds but it also gave them the chance to ask any questions about the plant and the project. The groups were all shown around the Nursery and they were all taken aback by the variety of plants grown and the amount of work that takes place before the plants even get to the Zoo.

Those who couldn’t attend will be having a training session on site when we deliver all the growing equipment over the next week. Many of the onsite sessions will be for gardening clubs at schools which I’m really looking forward to.

We have now have 8 confirmed groups taking part in the project. They are diverse range which covers Primary Schools, a youth group, a community garden, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation project, a local residents association and a care home for the elderly.

Yesterday morning we received a packet from RBG, Kew with some Calendula palaestina. I will admit that I did do a happy dance round the office much to every-ones alarm! This brings our species total to 5! Hopefully, this will be one that we can introduce to the project next year after we harvest seed this year. (I know, already thinking about next year but hey, I’m a gardener and that’s what we do).  We will also be growing varieties of the plant to increase the collection.

If you ‘like’ our Facebook page Bristol Community Plant Collection you will be able to see  more photos and also how are groups get on once they get their deliveries next week.


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