Tree tours and birdboxes – Hidden Voices – Westonbirt, the National Arboretum

Just a quick post before we go home for the day. We have had a lovely visit today with the Macular Disease Society Group. After comments from this group about the difficulty they have reading our standard issue botanical tree tags, we have decided to create a trail for visually impaired visitors with key trees identified by a large print map and bigger, yellow tree tags with black writing. We are thinking of linking an audio “tour” to this trail.

Today we asked the group for help in choosing which trees to include. We went on a walk and used our new audio recorders to collect descriptions of their favourite trees. Some of these descriptions may end up on the final audio tour. Some favourite trees included an oak with lots of burrs, a chinese red birch and a magnolia with seedpods that the participants said smelt of cinnamon.  

 Then, back to the education centre for our final activity of the afternoon, bird box making! In order to make this a suitable activity for the group we used pre-cut kits (thanks to our volunteer Graham) with holes drilled ready for screws. We had decided beforehand that screws were a better idea than using nails and hammers. Some of the ladies in the group had never used a screwdriver before but soon got the hang of it and were quickly assembling their boxes. Half an hour later, everyone had a birdbox to take home that they could all be proud of.


3 thoughts on “Tree tours and birdboxes – Hidden Voices – Westonbirt, the National Arboretum

  1. Nice work. The Probation Service visited the City Farm, among other places, to put up bee, bird and bat boxes, but all the farm got was three boxes for bees, one of which has fallen down, and none of which are currently entertaining bees. I hope you have more success.

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