Creating sculptures and weaving willow at the ‘Feel Green’ project

How can a sculpture exhibition at a botanic garden inspire visitors to create their own pices of art? The ‘Arts and Crafts’ group from Mosaic wondered aroung the University of Leicester Botanic Garden and looked, touched, even listened to the sculptures that are exhibited amongst the living plants collections. The group then created their own sculptures out of clay.

Listening to the sounds of a scultpure made out of metal. Different sculptures make different noises! Art is not only to be looked at.

…the participants got plenty of artistic stimulation from the garden’s sculpture exhibition and continued with making their own pieces of art.









After a lovely lunch break in the gardens, Catherine from Groundwork, Leicester worked together with the participants to create a piece of collective art made from willow! Catherine demonstrated different techniques of willow weaving and the participants really enjoyed putting together circles and leaf shapes which were turned into a big fruit shape. It’s up to your imagination what this fruit could apple, an orange or…(see the picture below and make up your own mind!).

A collective work of art. Use your imagination to decide what kind of fruit this could be!


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